Monday, 5 September 2011

I've just converted a pair of ordinary black trousers to maternity trousers while bambino was napping!

As I cut into the trousers I thought, I should be photographing this. But I didn't sorry, had no idea they would turn out so well!

I bought some black t shirt material in town this morning. I cut of the waist band and then cut a half moon shape out of the front, completly taking out the zip.

Using the pieces I had removed I cut new, slightly more generous pieces from the t shirt fabric and sewed them to the existing trousers.

Saved myself a few pennies there! Feeling very smug! I'm now 17, nearly 18 weeks and these babies are growing fast. I keep reading about how twin mummies tend to grow out of their maternity clothes. Therefore a lot more improvising likely in the coming weeks!

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