Monday, 3 March 2014

Half Term Part II

Right then, over a week later, here are the tissue box monsters! Isabella and I really enjoyed putting them together and she was so proud of hers that she took it to Show & Tell when she went back to school! 
The other really successful activity we did during half term was to make and play with fake snow. I got the idea from my friend Karen, over at Let Kids Be Kids, it's made from cornflour mixed together with shaving foam. I just popped it in three baking tins and put some Happyland figures in for the girls to play with, next time I would probably use toys without holes in as they were difficult to clean.Otherwise it was fairly easy to clean up, it just wipes off surfaces, but I did need to get the hoover out for the floor! I also gave them a couple of little pots which they loved filling and then emptying, again and again. It was So simple! I will definitely be doing it again!

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