Friday, 25 June 2010

Love Summer

It was very nice having Hubby at home yesterday. I did get a lot done, plants watered, picnic food purchased, toe nails painted but I did not manage to finish my skirt. Oh well, another day, another blog.

Speaking of blogs, I seem to be caught in a blog maze at the moment. I really love Little Birdie Secrets and they paste a lot of links to other blogs, and those blogs paste links to other blogs and so on... I've got a whole load of lovely crafty blogs bookmarked to get back when I get a spare five minutes.

Yesterday evening after baby had gone to bed we lit up the BBQ, we love to BBQ. In fact, like my parents, we don't use our oven a great deal in the summer if the weather is nice enough. I have been buying prawns on wooden skewers, ready to go on the BBQ from frozen but Hubby hates cooking them because the wooden skewers seem to catch light so easily. So when I was at the supermarket yesterday I bought some metal skewers and some raw king prawns that were on offer. There was a great recipe in my magazine but it called for sage and that's the only herb not in Hubby's collection (oh, that's another blog) so I used some coriander, olive oil, crushed garlic, the juice and zest of a lemon and marinated them for a few hours before skewering them. They were yummy! Dollop of mayo on the side of my plate (low cal sadly) and I was away...

Unfortunately my potato salad did not go down so well with Hubby. I like my potato salad a little bit creamy, not like the really crunchy stuff in supermarkets, but not so it's without a bit of bite either. So yesterday I cooked half the potatoes for 10-15 minutes longer than the other half so that they were just starting to disintegrate. Then added (more!) mayo, some chopped onion and some chives. I really liked it but I forgot that Hubby doesn't like mashed potato and it was too much like that.

So today we're all off for a picnic and it promises to be hot!

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