Monday, 28 June 2010

Party Planning

In August we're having a Welcome to the World Party for Bambino. Since she seems to like the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, twinkle little star" I want to plan the party around this theme. But I've not found a lot of inspiration on the web yet.

There are lots of sites to help you plan a baby shower but very little for babies' welcome parties beyond obvious advice like "Decide who to invite, send invitations"!

We want to hold our party in the garden, in fact we have to. So far we've invited everyone who came to our wedding last year, 46 people, plus a few more! If it rains our house will be heaving! So I want to decorate the garden. Not easy on a maternity leave pay budget! Also all star related decoration tips that I've found like using fairy lights or candles aren't going to work for a daytime party! I am starting to have doubts about my theme, but it's sooo cute so I shall persevere.

Here are the best inspirations I have found so far...

The cake, from


The other thing I'm thinking about is buying a new printer because the one that I have is not very good and I want to design and print my own invitations for the party. I'm looking at a lovely wireless one which would be fab given that I never seem to be sat at my desk!

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