Monday, 23 August 2010

All partied out!

Ok, it's been a while since I blogged last. Bambino's party is over and done with and I think it was a success. Around 30 friends and family came along bringing food and drink, which eased the load on me considerably. Even so I spent two days in the kitchen making and icing cakes (much to bambino's disgust). This included re-icing the top tier of our wedding cake.

I spent many more hours making decorations which I wasn't sure, even on the morning of the party, that we would use, owing to a really mixed weather forecast.

We also had a very interesting approach to the photos... all will be explained...

For now let's stick with cakes. I made two types of cupcakes, Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes and Little Louise Cupcakes. The latter I did not make the meringue tops because I wanted fluffy icing so I just followed the directions on the icing sugar packet to make butter icing. I wouldn't make the lemon cakes again, there was no milk in the recipe, only yoghurt and I found them a little dry.

To decorate I bought 200 mini stars from an Ebay seller and I followed those fab Little Birdies' instructions for chocolate monograms. These were really fun to make although I've completely done for my diet eating the leftover chocolate! I also used this idea to put Bambino's initials on the re-iced wedding cake and to create a shooting star. I used a bit of florists wire for this, taped to the greaseproof paper and just piped over it. I wouldn't recommend this. Of the 10 stars I made only one survived!

To finish off I made another sweet, decorating treat. I shall call them marshmallow lollies, their American creator calls them Smores. (Sorry, I think that's a terribly unattractive word for something you expect someone to eat!) And these were the surprise hit of the day, we only had 4 left. I thought people would think them too sickly, but they loved them!

Tomorrow, decorations...

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