Sunday, 1 August 2010

Picture This

A very good friend of mine has recently moved house and so yesterday we took Bambino to her first party, their housewarming. It's also both their birthdays today and tomorrow! So a pretty fantastic present was required. I was their bridesmaid about 18 months ago and took loads of photos on the big day. I found that be bridesmaid was great for taking photos because everyone moved out of my way. (Perhaps I just look scary!)

So I had a good pick of photos to make them this present. My dad very generously gave me the piece of wood which he cut and routed for me.

I found the idea on my favourite craft blog, here... I think next time I would stain the wood, as per the little birdies and I obviously need to check out real Mod Podge since my waterer down PVA glue didn't really do the trick on the canvas effect. Still, my friend seemed pleased.


  1. I just discovered this project on Tip Junkie - such a beautiful and personalized idea!

  2. So cute!! I love this idea!

    Found you on Tip-Me-Tuesday, if you get a chance check me out!