Friday, 11 February 2011

Getting Organised

I have long been ridiculed by my father for finding any excuse to make a bag. But these two bags really are essential to me. I made the buggy handle bag when we were still using the carrycot. I keep our day to day bits and bobs in it; tissues, gloves, toys and letters that need posting. It saves me from having to stop walking to rootle around in my hand bag or the tardis that is the changing bag. And it has a clear pocket on top where I often stick a post it note with my shopping/to do list. I had the oil cloth in my fabric stash. It was in the remnant basket in John Lewis and is really good quality.

The second one, finished yesterday, is our "Popping Out Bag". That makes me chuckle because I have borrowed The Yummy Mummy Survival Guide by Liz Turner from the library this week and it has a whole section about how popping out is a thing of the past once you have a baby. It's a very funny book. However, some times, in comparison to other times, we are 'popping out' as in I don't need to bring bambino 8 nappies, a change of clothes, Calgel and a sun hat! I think the only essentials every time you leave the house are:

  • muslin
  • 1 nappy
  • disposable changing mat
  • wipes (pack with 20 or so only left)
  • nappy sack
  • water (or milk)
  • small snacks
  • small toy/teether
  • maybe a bib.

Despite an impressive array of handbags (that rarely see the light of day now) I had nothing appropriate to stow these bits in because it really needs to be totally waterproof if it's going to sit permanently in my buggy basket. So I was thrilled to find that I had enough of this cool oil cloth to make a tiny bag with two separate waterproof sections and a holder for the water bottle.

I am really pleased. It will be much easier to pick up and carry into toddler groups alongside my increasingly heavy, beautiful bambino!

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