Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Old Phone Cosy

My husband has given me his old phone. This is a relief and a curse. A relief because my phone broke before Christmas and since then I've used a series of imperfect old ones but now he's upgraded I have a much better, working phone. However... it is way to whizzy for me. It doesn't even have keys, just one of those touch screens. I will get used to it but I don't like learning a new phone!

The case my husband had was a white 'leather' pouch which has now seen much better days so I have made my own. I used to make these for friends when I was at uni and my house mate Gemma nick named them 'Phone Cosies'. It's been years since I've used one but I am very pleased to be able to use this scrap of lovely sunflower material I had. It's lined with yellow fleece to keep my phone nice and snug (plus protected from my clumsy drops and bumps!)

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