Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stylish Work Accessories

To ease the pain of returning to work I have made myself some pretty bits, a notebook cover and a pencil case.

The notebook cover slips over a cheap hardback notebook so I could use it on another book once this one is full. It has a closing tab with a magnetic clasp and a piece of pink elastic to hold my pen. There's also a couple of pockets on the inside of the cover to stash loose bits of paper or business cards. I looked at a lot of tutorials for covering a notebook but I didn't follow any particular one, just combined the bits that I knew I would use.

For the pencil case I followed this tutorial which I've used a few times to make make up bags for family and friends but this is the first pencil case. Most of the bags I've made I've lined with a piece of oil cloth which makes them hold their shape better and gives them a waterproof lining. For the pencil case I had a scrap of green polka dot oil cloth left over from making my bambino's nappy change mat.

I sprayed both items with a protective guard spray, meant for shoes, in the hope that they won't get too grubby when chucked in the bottom of my bag. And I'm not done making bags yet...

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