Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer 2013 in Our Garden

Last year we didn't spend a lot of time in our garden, almost none as a family. The weather wasn't great and it really wasn't easy with two six month olds. So Big Girl (aka Bambina) spent a of time out there with PJ alone while I stayed inside with the twins.

This year proved even more of a challenge as the Little Ones are now mobile and eat EVERYTHING and I mean everything! But I really wanted to spend time outdoors with them. Big Girl really loves it. So this is what we have done...

It cost us £35, although our neighbour did provide the four extra metal stakes that I didn't realise we would need. Each side of trellis netting is about 5m wide, too long for there not to be another support in the middle.

I was thrilled to buy about eight garden toys, some of which you can see here, on Ebay for £15 and to get a playhouse from the local paper for £30.

Add a sun canopy, purchased with Clubcard vouchers last year and a water table, Big Girl's birthday present from her grandparents and we are all set.

We have spent hours out there, with lots of playdates too! The fact that the Little Ones can't go digging in the flower beds, falling off the deck or tripping up on the patio means that I can manage on my own during the week. I even get to sit down sometimes!

My project for me was to plant out this wall. It's only occurred to me, after five years of living here to look under the stones. And I found, beneath a membrane, that there was pretty good soil. So once I removed the soil I just added a bit of compost to top it up. I bought heather and ivy plants and got two thyme plants delivered with our weekly groceries. I already had the lavender in a pot and I grew chives, aubretia and bellis perennis from seed. As well as colours that I like I am aiming to cover up the wall, which I hate, a bit! I am so pleased with the results. I am definitely going to do the other half next year.

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