Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Sophie Shield Millinery

Glamorous occasions in my life are a little few and far between since I became a mummy, like most women! So I was rather excited about an invitation to a wedding of two good friends of ours, our best man in fact, last November.

I've never worn one before but I rather fancied a fascinator and so I had one made by Sophie Shields of Frome, who set up her Millinery business last year, shortly before the birth of her third son. Super mummy and entrepreneur to boot!

I showed Sophie a few designs that I liked from Pintrest and she came up with this gorgeous piece, with little roses fashioned from navy blue sinamay and complete with a stunning veil. I felt wonderful. It went beautifully with my outfit and I really hope that I can wear it again one day. There are not enough people getting married!

If I could go back five years to my own wedding I would have to think about wearing something similar, (although I did love my tiara). What about this lovely one from Sophie...

And I love this bright and cheerful number.

How's about this for striking?!

You can find Sophie Shield Millinery on her blog, her Etsy shop, Facebook and Twitter.

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