Monday, 11 April 2011

Feeling Smug

Smug because I have fixed my shoes! Since Bambino was born I have hardly worn heels at all but a few weeks ago I went to a friend's baby shower in my posh frock, threw these shoes on the passenger seat as I was leaving the house (don't drive in big heels) and as I was changing into them at the other at the end a button popped off, into the road, never to be seen again. Drat! So I had to wear my driving shoes, which fortunately were not too shabby, my new sensible mummy shoes actually!

But tomorrow is my birthday and PJ and I are going out to dinner. I even have a new posh frock! So today I set about mending the shoes, two new buttons in hand. But I didn't have the type of thick black elastic that had been there previously. I was just about to resign myself to wearing my sensible mummy shoes to dinner or digging out my silver sandals (too cold). Then, looking around the study in desperation I saw that one of my old college folders had the same type of elastic on it. Bingo! Bit of needlework and we're in business. Hope I don't fall and break my neck from lack of practice!

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