Sunday, 17 April 2011

I've just been reading a great post about Hoarding clothes on one of my favourite blogs, Rock My Wedding. Inspired to comment I thought I would repost here... My name is Lucy and I am a horder and an Ebay addict.

My shape has changed massively since I got married nearly two years ago, mostly due to having a baby a year ago. Pre baby I had had fairly consistently been a size 12/14 and had lots of clothes that I got out every year with the change of the seasons.

Post baby I was a size 18, with no clothes that fit and had almost no money (the only draw back of maternity leave). Not only could I not afford to invest in new clothes, at a time when you really need to feel good about yourself, it seemed a waste as I wanted to loose the weight.

So I bought myself some basic bits and pieces to 'get me through' the first few weeks on Ebay and although I was going for the things at the cheaper end of the scale I was surprised at how much some pieces with the right title, ie. good brand, BNWT (brand new with tags), went for.

I have dabbled in selling bits and pieces before. I even bought a dress for my brother's wedding, days before the event, and sold it on (on Ebay) at a profit. Many of the sellers dispatch goods quicker than any commercial outlet! (This is key to good feedback and your long term success). Anyway before I returned to work, size 16, I cleared out my wardrobe.

I didn't discard everything that was size 12/14, I still hope to get there one day but I had to admit some of it was simply no longer my style or practical for my new lifestyle. I didn't make a packet, and previously I would have taken it to the charity shop, but it did make a sizable contribution to my return to work clothes budget at a time when I was struggling.

My top tips would be

  • Use the advanced completed searches to price it right (that includes weighing the item and getting a postage estimate from the Royal Mail website so you don’t underestimate this and loose money).

  • Take several good photos (use a mannequin if possible).

  • Add loads of detail to the description; style, dimensions, fabric content.

  • Be friendly and helpful if someone contacts you with questions.

  • Post the goods ASAP.

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