Sunday, 17 April 2011

High Hopes

For some reason this year I've got the gardening bug. This is after years of living with my mother, who is an amazing gardener, but not feeling tempted to have a go myself.

I'm starting small, with a teny flower bed. I've planted some small rose bushes (so small you can't see them in the pics), some cornflowers and poppies and I've put some daffodils and lilies that were in pots into the ground too. I'm also going to try to train a honeysuckle to climb a trellis and cover the wall I hate!

PJ is gallantly sharing the garden with me, carrying on planting his veggies and herbs and keeping the grass looking lovely. He had some real sucesses last year, especially his pet favourite, the chillies. This year I've asked him to grow more so I can make more of the jam that was so popular at Christmas! He's also nurturing some sunflower seedlings for me which will go in between the cornflowers and poppies.

Here's hoping we've got green fingers!

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