Wednesday, 7 July 2010

BBQ Veggies

Short post today. I am tuckered out!

As you've probably gathered we BBQ a lot, A LOT and sometimes I feel bad that we're not getting enough veggies, I make salad but that gets a little boring. I don't remember where I found the idea for these BBQd veggies as I've been making them for years and I reckon I've probably changed the recipe a bit.

You need
  • An aubergine
  • Mozzarella
  • Sundried tomatos
  • Pesto

Cut your aubergine as thinly as you can. Spread pesto over the slices. Layer a thin slice of mozzarella and a sundried tomato on top.

Roll the aubergine up with the cheese and tomato inside. Skewer.

If you line up more than one roll per skewer it's probably easier for the chef. I went and bought some new skewers recently because PJ hates wooden skewers, they tend to catch fire!

Lately this blog tends to be all about food. Hmmm...

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