Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Crafty Post!

At last, a crafty post!

I saw these flowers on my fave site, Little Birdie Secrets and was desperate to have a go. So while Bambino was napping I raided my material boxes for organza. I found red, pink and this amazing ivory material with gorgeous scroll embroidery. I've had this for years, it was a remnant and it has been bothering me ever since, you know, the way that really nice materials and beads do. They just sit in your boxes for ages because you're too scared to do anything with them because you love them and don't want to mess it up!

Anyway... I finally have and I love, love, love the results. It strikes me as very bridal so I have popped it on Ebay to see what kind of response I get. I'd love to think about someone wearing it on their special day.

Much as I love it. I love my tiara more!

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