Thursday, 15 July 2010

Our Centrepieces

When I first had the idea for our centrepieces I don't think I really expected to succeed. I certainly spent quite a lot of time and wasted quite a few sunflowers trying to get it right!

We had six tables at our wedding so I bought six storm lanterns and was thrilled to find six vases which fitted inside the lanterns and left a gap for the sunflowers to fit in. I even managed to get them quite cheaply from a poundstretcher shop.

It was a two person job! I filled the lanterns till almost half full with water. The sunflowers were cut off their stalks and quite a lot of the back sliced off too, sunflowers can be quite thick. Then my Mum held against the glass with a long ruler (on on either side) while I fixed the vase in place. Putting the candle in the vase weighted them sufficiently against the water.

I thought they looked fabulous and they went brilliantly with the theme of the day. Best of all, we put them together the day before and because they were submerged in water they lasted all day.

Now I've got plenty of vases and storm lanterns to have similar displays on our mantle piece, like the Christmas mantle I showed you yesterday.

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