Monday, 19 July 2010

Beachcombed Beauties

For a while now I've had an idea for a new jewellery range that I haven't quite managed to get to grips with. A couple of years ago when I went to the Scilly Isles with my parents, as well as shells (I have a serious shell addiction), I bought back some pieces of glass and pottery which had been buffed and smoothed by the sea.

The question was how to add a a loop to them so that they could be hung on necklaces. I was going to have a go at just gluing a jump ring on them but the answer came to me when I was rooting through my box looking for a jump ring. Quite often bolt rings come with a piece to complete the clasp, They have a larger hole at one end to attach to the bolt ring and a small hole to incorporate into the other end of the necklace. I put a dab of glue on the back of the glass or pottery piece and stuck the large hole to it so that small hole protruded above the piece.

It seems to work. Then I had the idea of layering pieces and that's how I came to arrive at this pendant with a glass piece and a ceramic piece.
I am keeping the necklace featured here for myself. I also made these lovely earrings from porcelain flower beads that I have been hoarding for a long time.

More pieces will follow, eventually, and I'll add them to my Facebook page in the hope of a couple of sales!

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