Sunday, 4 July 2010

Guest Tree

This weekend we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary! It's been an amazing year for us, with the arrival of bambino! I would like to share some elements of the wedding in this blog and I think I shall start with one of my faves, the guest tree...

Basically, instead of a guest book we had this tree and the guests made things to hang on it. I really can't remember where the idea came from but I do know that I was set on having one as soon as the idea came to me and that it was only after my best girl, Kate, and I had set it up that I was suddenly beset by a feeling of horror. What if the guests all thought I was crazy, what if no one made anything for it and at the end of the evening it was still embarrassingly bare?! I should not have worried...

The tree itself was some bare branches I found whilst out for a walk with my dad. I did mist them in silver spray but they could easily have been left bare. They were stuck in a pot surrounded by gravel. Kate and I also decorated the tree with fairy lights. I printed a little message which I put in a photoframe to explain what they were supposed to do.
I raided my own craft supply for things to put on the guest tree table. I also went to the pound shop and bought lots more bits and pieces for guests to make their tokens from. Aware that not everyone is as craft-willing as me I also cut up lots of yellow, flower shaped and red, chilli shaped pieces of card (following our sunflower/chilli themes) and strung with green ribbon for those who just wanted to write a message and hang it on the tree.

The first people to get stuck in were my Uni friends, which is why no one could find them for their photographs! I think one of them was staying at the hotel where the reception was and had had a sneaky peek the night before! The guest tree was becoming quite a talking point!

As the day went on there was always someone sat at the table, the most unlikely people having a go at being crafty and people who didn't know each other at all sat with each other. I loved the balloon flower that my very crafty sister-in-law added to the foot of the tree. Unfortunately we couldn't save that.
The simple flower and chilli shapes I cut out were used but more often that not they were part of a more impressive ensemble. These are some of my favourite guest creations...

It really was such a lovely addition to our day and means we have a box of keepsakes which I find much more interesting than a guest book and people certainly had a lot of fun making them. Plus the finished tree itself was really quite spectacular.

I do feel a bit bad, however for the person who had to clear it all up the next day! Thank you Kate, love you! xxxx

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