Friday, 9 July 2010

More food!!!

Ok, I am going to blog about something else soon, really I am. I have a couple of good craft things in the pipeline!

I really love olives, they are one of my favourite foods. You can't beat a few to nibble before a meal, especially with a nice G&T. But it can get really expensive buying the fresh ones from olive bars in various supermarkets.

Last year I read a tip online for making your own marinated olives. So with all the herbs we have in the garden this year I was keen to have a go again.

This is an old coffee jar, it's got a good seal on it. A kilner jar would be good too. I poured some black olives into the jar and then chopped up some mint, oregano, rosemary and thyme (and probably some other herbs that I can't remember) and add those to the jar along with some whole cloves of garlic, just flattened under a knife. Then I covered the bottom of the jar with balsamic vinegar before topping up the jar with olive oil.

We had some with drinks before our BBQ tonight. I removed the olives from the jar carefully and place them in a sieve over a jug to catch and keep all the olive oil. If you don't save and reuse your olive oil then you won't be saving any money, you might as well keep going to the supermarket! You can keep adding new herbs and garlic for as long as the olives still taste good!

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